Customized Group Tours


We design and customize tours just for you

Imperial Asia Tours can design, create and operate a private, your own group tour to suit your group’s needs to Asia.

We have been creating and operating private customized Asian group tours for over 15 years. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team has enormous practical experience handling hundreds of unique Asian group travel itineraries for clubs, university, college and school groups, choral and orchestral groups, alumni groups, affinity groups and a wide range of special interest groups.


We can design a tour to suit your group’s needs

We can cater for any group size or request. Tell us what you want and when you want it, group size, possible theme, ideas, tour pace, highlights you envisage and we will customized a tour based on your group’s requirements.

Alternatively if you already have an itinerary in mind we can certainly handle it. We will pass a professional eye over it, add a suggestion here or there, check the local opening and closing times, driving distances and legal driving hours, to make sure it works!


How we can support you

We handle all groups directly, so you are guaranteed the best service and best possible price for your group.

We supply genuine, unbiased advice every time. We’ll smoothly handle all your group needs with 24/7 support. Our crisis management support team can be activated to bring immediate relief and crisis management if something unfortunate accidentally happens to a touring group or its passengers.


Call us, talk with us

Call us to speak to one of our experienced group consultants to discuss your group's needs.