About Us


Imperial Asia Tours creates intimate, individual itineraries for discerning travellers to Asia including China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand. Experience the ancient cities, architectural wonders, fabulous palaces and exquisite gardens and temples in comfort and luxury, and discover the enduring fascination of the fascinating continent.


Authentic Experiences

Our tours have been carefully designed for the traveller who demands the best. They combine cultural highlights, historic and archaeological sites of interest and importance, spectacular scenery and the splendours of ancient temples, palaces and garden architecture.

Ascend the mighty Great Wall, imagining the hordes of Mongol horseman sweeping down across the flanks of the mountains. Experience the unparalleled vastness of Tiananmen Square. Wonder at the marvels of Siem Reap. See the Terracotta Warriors with your own eyes. Savour the sumptuousness of a genuine Peking Duck dinner. Cruise the spectacular Mekong River or the mighty Yangtze, explore Hanoi’s ancient, mysterious old quarters. Be thrilled at the sight of China’s amazing acrobatic troupes. And return at the end of each wonderful day to the comfort of your modern, elegant hotel.


Personalized Services

We are the experts for Asian destination. We get to know our clients' interests, needs and passions intimately. We give each one of them an enormous amount of time and personal care - before, during and after travel. Our clients come back to us repeatedly for all their Asian travel.


Luxury Accommodation

We cater for the discerning, high end of the market, and our clients want the very best of everything. Our clients stay in the finest accommodations available. We employ exceptional guides and use the luxurious vehicles, boats and services. Unforgettable experiences, fabulous sights, fine hotels, delicious cuisine. We are confident that your Imperial Asia Tour will be the trip of a lifetime.